Flaunt Your Stylish Self with Chinos


Jeans are a staple of style. They're simple and versatile. Chinos are similar to jeans but aren't quite the same thing. They're not as popular as jeans but are just as simple and versatile. Chinos are made of fabric that's similar to denim but lighter. Trying out new styles can be a bit daunting, so here are some things to remember when picking out chinos.


There are three different cuts chinos come in: slim, straight, and wide. Wide chinos are great for men with bigger legs. But, short men should avoid wide cuts as they can make you look even shorter. Slim cuts, on the other hand, will make you look taller. Slim fits are, as the name suggests, more form-fitting than the other cuts. But, they're not as tight or restrictive as skinny pants. Straight leg chinos are right in the middle. If you have a little bit of leg muscle, straight cuts are perfect.


Chinos are often a light tan. But, they can come in other colors as well. Black and blue chinos are also available. They're more similar to jeans than tan chinos. But, they still retain the unique look of chinos.

Shirt Colors

Once you choose what color chinos you want to wear, you have to consider the rest of your outfit. You can't just throw on a shirt and go. You have to think about what colors look good together. Light blue chinos, like light blue jeans, go great with lighter colors. Pastels and colors that are close to white look great with light blue. Light colors are perfect for spring of summer. Medium blue is very versatile. You can pick almost any color. Light colors, bright colors, and dark colors all look great with medium blue chinos. Finding the right shirt to go with dark blue or black chinos can be difficult. Stick to dark colors or go for a stark contrast with white, which goes with any color of chinos.

No matter what you do, remember to keep it simple. Chinos look best when paired with solid colors or simple stripes. Shirts with a lot going on can clash with chinos and ruin your entire outfit. Being adventurous with your style is great, but don't try it when you're wearing chinos.

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