Different Types of Jeans for Men

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Shopping for new jeans means you have a lot of decisions to make. What’s your budget? What variety of colors are you looking for? Do you know all of the different styles available? If not, check out the following different types of men’s jeans. 

You might be familiar with skinny jeans, which are designed to really cling to the natural shape of your waist and legs. Fortunately, high-quality skinny jeans are still comfortable. You can even find super skinny jeans, which are particularly exaggerated in tightness of the material. A less constricting option, though, would be the style of slim jeans. These jeans are great to maintain a sleek, modern style for any occasion. You can also consider moto jeans, which are designed to create a more rugged aesthetic. Moto jeans are often found with intentional distress on the fabric or even stylish rips and tears. Lastly, tapered jeans are another type of men’s jeans. These jeans are loose in fit around the waist and thighs, but they tighten up around the ankles. 

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