Best Outfits to Wear with Camel Joggers

camel joggers

Joggers are typically associated with exercise, specifically with jogging, and that's not without reason. After all, joggers were originally designed to be loose and breathable, so that they would be comfortable for people when they sweat. They do that very well, and health enthusiasts continue to love them precisely for that original purpose. Of course, fashion doesn't always limit itself to the initial intention, and joggers have come a long way in terms of style, design, and material.

Today, camel joggers can be worn almost anywhere, whether you're exercising or not. While some people have limited imaginations when it comes to men's fashion, there are actually a number of different ways to incorporate joggers into your wardrobe. Below, you'll find a few ideas to get you started, but don't feel that you're limited to just a handful of options! Part of the fun of fashion is using your imagination and breaking out of the expected molds or traditions. Don't let expectations limit your sense of style.

Jackets and Tees

You can combine a jacket with a printed tee and show off your joggers with a clean pair of sneakers. This combination is definitely a bit more urban, and it looks fantastic for hanging with your friends on the weekend or even hitting a local concert or nightspot. You can rep your favorite band while looking truly stylish and modern.

The Cardigan

Joggers don't have to be relegated to the weekend. A contrasting cardigan and a properly fitted tee up the formality of you joggers enough that you might be able to wear them to work or even the occasional business meeting. The cardigan upscales the look a bit, while not going overboard. This can also be great for a walk around town or attending your book club.

Single Tone

Going monotone is bad for public speaking, but a single tone can make a real statement visually. Match your shirt and a long coat to your joggers, and your single-tone attire can go from casual to bold. Mixing and matching the fabrics and textures can add a little bit of extra fun, and you'll still be comfortable while presenting a formidable image.

Going sporty with your camel joggers is the most obvious approach, but there are plenty of other options.

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