Style Guide: How to Wear Your Joggers


Joggers have taken the fashion world by storm. As the ultimate amalgamation of casual chic and comfort, it’s easy to see why so many modern men have included different styles of joggers in their everyday wear. No longer are jogger pants associated with lazy Saturdays as a couch potato—modern designs have elevated jogger pants’ status in contemporary men’s fashion. However, it’s often not the easiest look to pull off, meaning you might be stuck on how to properly wear a pair of joggers. Luckily, joggers offer a lot of versatility, so you can dress up or down as you please. If you need help finding the right look to go with your joggers, the follow information from Neo Blue Jeans can help.

The Street Look

Since there are many different styles, patterns, and materials available for men’s joggers, you can craft and outfit that speaks to you the most. Whether you’re going for a more elegant style or want to look street tough, you can find a look that’s right for you. To pull off the street look, pair a white shirt with camo twill joggers and white basketball shoes.


You can also use joggers as they were intended: a casual, dressed-down look. Now that modern jogger styles are more tapered and form-fitting, pairing it with a solid color, slim-fit, crew cut t-shirt is often the easiest and stylish look you can go for. The monotone look is always a safe bet. A plain black t-shirt, blue and or black joggers and your favorite trainers is a look that will always score you points in the style category.


Again, modern jogger styles are tapered and more form-fitting. For a night out on the town with the boys, joggers with a neat long-sleeved dress shirt is a bold look that screams cool and relaxed. Finish the look with loafers or flat sneakers and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for your next summer outing.

Don’t forget to put the seal on the look by adding accessories like a matching hat, shades, and your nicest wristwatch.

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