Latest Trends in Men's Jeans


Fashion trends appear and disappear in what feels like the blink of an eye. Trying to keep up with all the hottest fashion is almost impossible, but here's a little taste of what's been popular this year. These are the trends you'll find in a men's jeans store.


Skinny jeans have been popular for years, but they're not the hottest thing out there anymore. Loose jeans are coming back into style. They're comfortable and cool, taking inspiration from skater fashion. Looser jeans look great with tighter tops, accentuating your muscles. Loose, straight fits are often also cropped. When loose fit jeans have cropped hems, the hem tends to be rolled up.


Distressed jeans are still in style. Rips and worn spots are as hot as ever, giving you a rugged look. Adding to the messy yet alluring look are messy hems. Instead of the legs of your jeans ending in a nice, neat hem, the hem is frayed. Just like loose fit jeans, jeans with frayed hems are often cropped. They're perfect for pairing with simple t-shirts.


Glammed-up jeans are just as popular as distressed jeans. Embroidery has become popular not just on the backs of denim jackets, but on the legs of jeans as well. You can find plenty of beautiful embroidered designs to match your personal style.


Jeans that look like they've been patched together are in style. Having different washes of denim or even other fabrics underneath rips is becoming a huge trend. Having denim with entire sections that look different is especially popular for jean jackets. Pockets and sleeves often use different fabrics.

Light Wash

Dark jeans have been the fashionable choice for a while, but lighter washes are growing in popularity. They're especially great if you want to pair them with colorful shirts. Light wash jeans go well with both bright and pastel colors. But, light washes aren't flattering on everyone. They look best on men with slimmer legs.

Some of these trends have been around for years, some are brand new, and some have come back from the dead. There's no doubt that this time next year, some of these trends will have died in favor of new ones. But, these are the looks you'll see right now when you go to buy men's jeans.

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