What to Wear during Summers in New York

camo twill joggers

The Big Apple

Ah, the Big Apple. With its sights, sounds, diversity of available experiences and devoted population, there’s nothing quite like spending time in New York City. What most people don’t realize is just how hot this beautiful, unique place can be during the summertime, however. Although temperatures frequently hover in the mid-80s, they sometimes climb into the low 100s. It’s possible to enjoy a temperate day that feels sunny and fairly mild and see it followed by a scorcher that offers little in the way of relief. Therefore, whether you’re working or playing in this, one of America’s greatest cities, you need to be prepared with the proper wardrobe.

Your Outdoor Experiences

Consider your personal interactions with the outdoors. You may be working inside for most of the day, but you might choose to take your lunch hour outside, or you might need to walk from one building to another multiple times. Choose lightweight fabrics in this case to avoid overheating during your stints outside.


Other times, you might be relaxing outside at your neighborhood bistro or Central Park. Consider joggers as a good solution for staying cool during these outings. Although most joggers are full-length pants, they, too, can be purchased in light weights that make them a great choice for spending time in out of doors. A twill version will serve you well. The woven nature of this fabric makes it breathable, which is ideal for hot conditions.

Express Yourself

The great thing about twill is that it comes in many different colors and patterns. Therefore, if you’re into joggers, you can have many different pairs that express your personality. You can find twill in patterns that range from stripes to polka dots and have a pair of joggers to suit your every mood. If you’re into camo, for instance, you might enjoy a pair of camo twill joggers. They will not only keep you cool on your next trip to the park to let the dogs run, but they will also allow you to express your personal interests and style in your wardrobe. So, if you don’t have twill joggers in your wardrobe for next summer, consider adding a few pairs to see how you like them.

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